Stove Fan

Stove Fan-KINDEN 4 Blade Eco Friendly Silent Heat Powered Fireplace Fans for Wood Log Burners-Big Air Volume Increases 80% More Warm Air Than 2 Blade (Aluminium Black,with Stove Thermometer)

Item No.: B07HR6QQVM
【Small Body with Strong Volume】The mini fan’s size is :11*7.5*12.5 cm. It means that if your wood heater installed in a fireplace or embedded into the wall. Although it is mini size, but the max air flow can reach at 400CFM. The small stove fan will help you to make best use of the heat from it. Whatever your stove is embedded or external, it functions perfectly. Although it is mini size, but the max air flow can reach at 400CFM.
【Operation Automatically】Working at temperature from 50°C(122°F) to 340°C(644°F) of the top of stove. When the surface reach at 50°C, it starts to work. With the higher of temperature, It routes faster and faster to transform the warm throughout the room effective.
【Eco-Friendly and Heat-Powered】Thermo electric module plays a role of fan’s power generator.No need of batteries or electricity! The power is generated by converting the heat from your fireplace or wood-burning stove.Improved warm air circulation and reduce wastage.
【Bottom Protection Design】The whole fan is made from aluminum, which will not easy to be rust or corroded.It is a protection shrapnel at the bottom, too, which protects fan from damage of high temperature°C, for long service time.
【Whisper Quiet & Quality Service】The noise is less than 25dB. You can enjoy the warm environment without loud noise.1 year warranty, please feel free to contact us if you have any question.
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If you owned a wood burner stove or a fireplace,A stove fan will make winter more easy and pleasant.
You don’t need to sit near it, a amazing stove fan will transfer the warm air throughout room.

-Heat-Powered:The power is generated by the heat of fireplace or wood burner;
-Mini Size-It is fit for all size of stove, no matter it is big, or a small wood burner embedded into the wall. For the best effect, each side of stove can place one.
-Improved warm air circulation:The blades rotate and transfer the heat to the room with the help of extra movement of air;
-No require of battery and electricity for operation, no cost of running.
--Starting Auto:When surface of the stove top reaches at 50°C(122°F),it starts automatically;
-Safety:As the temperature reaches at 250℃, Bi-metallic strip in the fan bottom will bend to lift it to protect TEG and motor;
-Stable Structure:Progressive blade and structure makes the max running speed at 2200 RPM;
-Eco Friendly:Reduce the emission by burning 38% less fuel and Reduce the loss of energy;
-Whisper Quiet:The sound is less than 25 dB during operation. 

-Material:Anodized Aluminum
-Product Dimension:4.33*2.95*4.92 inch
-Weight of Product: 1bl
-Start Temp: 50°C(122°F)
-Ideal Working Temp Range:80-250°C(176°F-482°F)
-Air Flow: 300-400CFM
-Running RPM: 1830-2200RPM
-Starting Time(Based on Starting Temp):50°C-3-4 minutes; 200°C-28-50 seconds
-Magnetic Thermometer: Diameter 63mm,monitor temp from 40-500°C(70-900°F).Placed on the stove top, side,or single wall pipe.

Package included:
1XStove Fan
1XMagnetic Stove Thermometer

Warning:1.Don’t touch the base while using;
2.Don’t move or carry while using. If it is in emergency, please in gloves or rotating blades;
3.To keep fan away from the children and pets when operation;
4.Never place the fan on an